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Franklin Mass Public Schools, We are looking for a line dance instructor for one-night a week for 8 weeks in the fall. Do you know if any instructors who might be interested in this opportunity? Please contact Pandora Carlucci,

Lisbon Falls, Maine We have been asked to try to get an instructor to teach line dancing at our facility. If interested pelase contact me at

        Hampton Beach 2014
6/19 Angela West
6/26 Whiskey Wild
7/3 Angela West
7/10 Jodi Cunningham With Haywire
7/17 Fried Cactus
7/24 Karen Morgan / Pony Express
7/31 Roy Thurston
8/7 Walk In The Line
8/14 Jandee Lee Porter Band
8/21 Jilly Martin
8/28 Angela West




Hampton Beach 2009 Click to Watch
This Video has been provided by Leo & Clair

Hi Everyone I have been asked by Leo Danjou, he's the individual who created the video above this. Well he is now looking for photos from everyone and anyone. He is looking for photos which have been taken at any dance club in the new england area. He is planning on putting music to the photos like above. So if you have some photos which you would like to share with everyone. please email Leo Here. So in the email don't forget to tell hime what year and what dance club the photo is from. Thank you very much...Greg Boulanger




Hampton Beach 2010 Click to Watch
This Video has been provided by Leo & Clair



This website's only purpose is to provide country dancers the ability to find dance instructors and Dances which are held within the New England Area. I consider New England to be the following States (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island). If you don't see the location where you either take dance lessons or where you go to dances. I would like you to send me the following information to the following address until I am able to get my Contact page working correctly.

For Dance Instructors

Instructors Name
Type of lessons(Country line, Country Couples, Progressive, Rap, Mixed)
Location(s) Address & Phone
Start and End Time of class
Email Address
For Dance Venues Person Running Event Music Played(Country, Rock, Rap, Progressive, Mixed) Location(s) Address & Phone number
Start and End Time of Event
Email Address

I would like to thank everyone who visits my website and sends me information about any dance instructor who does either line or couples dances. I am also interested in any venues in New England which has regular schedule dancing events.

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Website Owner - People have been asking who owns and maintains this website. So I have placed our photo here. Many know us, others don't. But we do this for the love of dancing.

Greg & Jane Boulanger
Newton, NH.
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